Our Purpose

About Us

Our purpose as a fellowship is to:

  • Worship God in Spirit and truth
  • Fellowship in unity with God and one another
  • Disciple one another to become more like Christ
  • Serve God by meeting the needs of others


What We Practice

We seek to achieve our purpose above in our worship and ministry by:

  • Preaching and teaching God’s word
  • Engaging in corporate and personal prayerObserving the ordinances of communion and baptism
  • Committing to unity in the body of Christ
  • Including every believer in our ministry
  • Loving one another and holding each other accountable
  • Guiding the fellowship through the unanimity of a body of Spirit-led elders

Join Us This Friday in One of Our Family Friendly Services

Friday Meeting Times

Grace Villa: 9:30am & 11:30am